Opponents filibuster bill to restrict local gun rules; ‘This is not the Wild West’

OWH April 5, 2017

Concertgoers file into Pinnacle Bank Arena with handguns openly strapped to their hips.

It’s a scenario Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister said could play out if Nebraska lawmakers pass legislation that would prohibit Lincoln, Omaha and other cities from enforcing most local gun ordinances.

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Douglas J. Peterson: The case for mandatory minimums

The writer is the attorney general for Nebraska.

Nebraskans expect that their elected officials will carry out their primary duty — ensuring the safety of the public.

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US police agencies with their own DNA databases stir debate

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Dozens of police departments around the U.S. are amassing their own DNA databases to track criminals, a move critics say is a way around regulations…

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Nebraska lawmakers advance bill to give immunity to those who call for help after drug overdose

LINCOLN (Omaha World-Herald) – People who call for help about a drug overdose would be shielded from drug possession charges under a bill given first-round approval Thursday in the Legislature.

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