NECAA Fall Seminar|Annual Conference

October 9-11, 2019
LaVista, Nebraska

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NECAA Prosecutor of the Year Award Recipient Shawn Eatherton, Buffalo County Attorney 



Nebraska County Attorneys Association 
Providing its members with quality training and education.

Nebraska County Attorneys Association

Our Association is dedicated to helping Nebraska’s County Attorney’s provide the best possible public service in their dual role of Prosecutor and Civil Attorney for each of Nebraska’s 93 Counties.

The Nebraska County Attorneys Association advocates for public policies that strengthen county attorneys’ ability to secure justice for crime victims and serve as legal counsel to their county.

We provide continuing legal education programs, service, support and resources to the county attorneys and staff to enhance and improve the quality of all prosecution throughout the State and facilitate access to best practices in law enforcement and public safety.

Recent News

Some marijuana users have avoided charges in Nebraska. That may be coming to an end

By Paul Hammel / World-Herald Bureau  September 2, 2019 Marijuana users have been getting a pass in some Nebraska counties as prosecutors declined to charge low-level possession cases because of an...

Washington Digest: Ben Sasse to hold hearing in Lincoln on human trafficking

Washington Digest: Ben Sasse to hold hearing in Lincoln on human trafficking By Joseph Morton / World-Herald Bureau | Sep 1, 2019 Updated Sep 1, 2019 The long August recess — or “district work...

Nebraska prosecutors say new hemp law complicates prosecution of marijuana possession

By Paul Hammel / World-Herald Bureau Aug 11, 2019 LINCOLN — Legalization of industrial hemp is causing headaches for prosecutors across the state, prompting some counties to suspend prosecution of...

‘It’s still not legal’: Ricketts says state is working on way to distinguish hemp from marijuana

By Paul Hammel / World-Herald Bureau LINCOLN — Has the legalization of hemp in Nebraska inadvertently legalized possession of small amounts of marijuana? Gov. Pete Ricketts said “no” when asked that...

Hemp regulation proposal amended, returned to final round

May 22, 2019 Sen. Justin Wayne, LB657 A bill on final reading that would authorize and regulate the growing, processing and handling of hemp and hemp products in Nebraska was amended May 22 after...

NECAA Past President Melanie R. Young, Chief Deputy Buffalo County Attorney, receives recognition for serving as President 2016-2018 from current President James Smith,  Solicitor General Attorney, Nebraska Attorney General’s Office. 



Nebraska County Attorneys Association

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