Joe Dejka / World-Herald staff writer Jan 12, 2020

When a Nebraska teacher or coach sexually molests a high school student, the perpetrator doesn’t always get jail time.


If the student is 16, the age of consent, prosecutors have few options.

An Omaha state senator wants to change that.


Sen. Brett Lindstrom of Omaha introduced Legislative Bill 766 last week that would prohibit sexual assault of a minor by an authority figure, regardless of whether the student consented.


The law would apply to people in a position of trust and authority over a victim. Under the bill, that would include teachers, coaches, principals, counselors, guardians or foster parents, temporary caretakers and health care providers.

An authority figure who subjected a student younger than 19 to sexual penetration could then be charged with first-degree sexual assault.


If convicted, the authority figure could be imprisoned for one to 50 years.


“It’s an issue that seems to keep coming back over and over,” Lindstrom said. “Having young kids, and being someone that’s been around athletics, it just doesn’t sit well. If we can correct and do some things to protect kids, I’m all in.” Read Omaha World Herald article.