The Intake Prosecutor: Prosecutorial Screening Before The Police Make Warrantless Arrests

Each year, police arrest more than eleven million individuals. Yet, prosecutors ultimately dismiss about twenty-five percent of criminal charges with no conviction being entered.

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States Restrict Info from Public Information Requests

In February, Arkansas lawmakers marked the 50-year anniversary of the Freedom of Information Act with a resolution calling it “a shining example of open government.” Then they approved new exemptions to the law in what critics called an unprecedented attack on the public’s right to know.

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Police: New Apple technology will delay justice in DC area

Apple’s new security features will make it harder for local police to retrieve digital evidence they need to solve crimes.
While great for consumers, without the ability to bypass enhanced security such as facial recognition, investigators said it will delay justice.

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Cities Enact Penalties for Violence In Front of Children

Burleson, Tx., is among cities pioneering a way to protect children. A new city ordinance makes it unlawful to physically attack anyone in front of a child, meaning abusers can be punished for a child’s anguish as well as for injuries.

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Editorial: Midlands take steps to combat opioid epidemic

OWH 10/1/17

The personal misery, loss of life and community harm stemming from the opioid (prescription painkiller) crisis continue to mount. Although the Midlands commendably have taken important proactive steps, our area has not been spared from harm.

The need is great, here and nationally, to tackle this troubling public health challenge.

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HDR will study whether MUD headquarters is a good fit for Douglas County juvenile justice center

OWH 10/4/17

Douglas County and the Metropolitan Utilities District are hiring an architect to help them decide whether they should move in together downtown.

The Douglas County Board voted Tuesday to approve an agreement with MUD and HDR Architecture Inc. The two public entities will pay the firm $30,000 to study MUD’s headquarters buildings and the square city block it occupies, and draw up a conceptual site plan for putting a new county juvenile justice center there along with MUD offices.

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Social Media and Lawmakers: What is Public Record and What Isn’t?

Are social media posts public records? That was the question in a recent legal case that could have far reaching consequences for public records in Virginia.

Is that the sound of democracy in the 21st Century? Loudoun software engineer Brian Davison thinks so, and he’s led a number of lawsuits to get at social media records of elected officials.

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Setting the Record Straight on DNA Science

The New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner operates the largest and most advanced public DNA crime laboratory in North America. We are proud to set the highest standards for independent science and to share our expertise with other jurisdictions in the neutral service of justice, without favor to prosecution or defense.

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Judge shouldn’t be booted from case because of Facebook friendship with lawyer, appeals court rules

A Facebook friendship doesn’t necessarily signify a close relationship, according to Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal. A mere allegation of a Facebook friendship, without more, does not provide a basis for disqualification, the court said. The Aug. 23 decision allows Miami-Dade Judge Beatrice Butchko to remain on the case, a suit for nonpayment of legal fees filed by the Herssein Law Group against a former client, the United Services Automobile Association.

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A Judge Wants a Bigger Role for Female Lawyers. So He Made a Rule

It is common for judges to publish guidance for lawyers who appear in their courtrooms on how to conduct themselves with regard to minor matters like how and when to file motions. But on Wednesday, Jack B. Weinstein, a senior federal judge in Brooklyn, used this typically mundane process to address an issue of growing concern to many in the legal profession: the lack of female lawyers in leading roles at trials and other court proceedings.

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