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Federal criminal prosecutions fall to lowest level in nearly two decades

BY JOHN GRAMLICH (HTTP://WWW.PEWRESEARCH.ORG/AUTHOR/JGRAMLICH/) Prosecutions for drug, immigration and property offenses – the three most common categories of crime charged by the federal government – all have declined over the past five years. The Justice Department filed drug charges against 24,638 defendants in 2016, down 23% from 2011. It filed immigration charges against 20,762 defendants, […]

Cutting Bail Costs in Half ‘Could Save Billions’

On any given day in the United States there are about 450,000 people in jail who have not been convicted of anything. According to the Pretrial Justice Institute (http://www.pretrial.org/) , they cost taxpayers about $38 million a day.  Those 450,000 people have been charged with a crime, and all—except for a small percentage facing life […]