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Christy Perry, a Republican state representative and co-owner of a gun shop in Boise, regularly travels with her husband to gun shows to sell their wares. Voters come to her booth so often that her husband jokingly plunked a sign next to the AR-15s: “Gun talk only. No politics.” View Full Report

Campaign aims to teach hotel staff how to identify sex-trafficking victims

Washington County and area law enforcement are looking for a new ally in their efforts to help identify and respond to victims of sex-trafficking. The “Speak Up” campaign, announced by Washington County and other local law enforcement officials Thursday morning, aims to train workers at local hotels and motels in sex-trafficking identification and response. View Full Report

Editorial: State tackling opioid crisis on many fronts

OWH A statewide coalition is demonstrating impressive collaboration in tackling the opioid issue in Nebraska. These medical professionals, treatment providers, government agencies and law enforcement personnel have taken a series of sensible actions to better equip Nebraska to deal with what has become a major public health crisis in much of the country. View Full […]

Axon Plans ‘Public Evidence Project’ for Citizen Video

Axon, the largest vendor of police-worn body cameras, is moving into the business of capturing video taken by the public, The Intercept reports (https://theintercept.com/2017/09/21/taser-wants-to-build-an-army-of-smartphone-informants/) . In a survey to law enforcement officials, the company formerly known as Taser International solicited naming ideas for its “Public Evidence Product.” The product will allow citizens to submit photos or video evidence of […]

States Restrict Info from Public Information Requests

In February, Arkansas lawmakers marked the 50-year anniversary of the Freedom of Information Act with a resolution calling it “a shining example of open government.” Then they approved new exemptions to the law in what critics called an unprecedented attack on the public’s right to know. View Full Report

Police: New Apple technology will delay justice in DC area

Apple’s new security features will make it harder for local police to retrieve digital evidence they need to solve crimes. While great for consumers, without the ability to bypass enhanced security such as facial recognition, investigators said it will delay justice. View Full Report

Editorial: Midlands take steps to combat opioid epidemic

OWH 10/1/17 The personal misery, loss of life and community harm stemming from the opioid (prescription painkiller) crisis continue to mount. Although the Midlands commendably have taken important proactive steps, our area has not been spared from harm. The need is great, here and nationally, to tackle this troubling public health challenge. View Full Report